Special Containers

Universal Container Services Ltd. Offer a wide range of specialist & high cube containers to the domestic and commercial market, if there is anything not listed please ask as we supply most items at discounted rates as we keep them in stock within our 11 acre facility.


Special Containers

However they are particularly suitable for transporting light Voluminous cargoes and over height cargoes up to a maximum of 2.70 m tall which makes them ideal for conversion work , due to extra head room.

Our shipping container side and roof panels are constructed from steel and are fully welded. The floor material in our new build containers is high quality 19mm laminate birch marine plywood supported on pressed steel floor bearers.

We are able to modify any of our range of containers to suit you exact needs, so why not contact us with your requirements and see how we can assist you.

Special Containers

At Universal Containers Services ltd. We can customize any size container you require by altering the length & width as required. This is a good way of maximizing your space and getting the size and shape you need to suit you. Please call and ask our professional team about specific size requests – 0161 775 3217

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These new & used tunnel containers are very popular for a variety of storage applications as well as the occasional specialised export use. For domestic storage use, they are ideal for pallet storage and a lot cheaper than the side opening units. We also convert many of these containers into boiler rooms, garages, and COSHH stores.

With double doors at each end, they are ideal for storing pallets or boxes as it means the hardest to reach items are never too far away. You can also use the tunnel to help rotate goods in storage nice and easily.

Lengths  10ft / 20ft / 30ft / 40ft – NEW or USED

Height   8ft 6” / 9ft 6”

If you would like a bespoke size then please feel free to call the office - anything is possible at Universal Container Services ltd. – 0161 775 3217

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Standard containers are accessed via 8ft wide double doors, which can make loading hard in many circumstances, and also means the unit has to be sited with the narrow end facing you. But with two sets of double bi-folding doors in the long side (as well as the standard 8ft end double doors!) not only is full side access granted, but the container can also be positioned with the long side facing outwards. Imagine how simpler this makes access to your container, and everything inside it. No need to bring your things out through the small end door just to access that one item at the back, when you can open the entire side up completely! Fuss free and time saving, and with plenty of room to drive a fork lift inside if needed, side access containers are the best for storage and side loading.

Available sizes - 20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6” & 40ft x 8ft x 8ft 6” in NEW


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Ordinarily shipping containers are 8'6" high, but high cube containers give you an extra foot in height, standing at 9'6". Ideal for tall loads or if you need to squeeze just a little bit more into the container - with 20fts, high cube containers increase the internal space available by 250 cubic feet, and with 40fts you gain an extra 300 cubic feet.

High cube containers make great storage units too, especially for plant equipment, such as diggers, that may be too tall to clear a standard container height. As they are identical in specification to standard shipping containers in every other way, they are extremely tough and secure

Available in standard lengths – 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft – NEW or USED

But any custom size can be made on request

Take a look at some of our high cube products for sales/hire.

20ft x 8ft & 40ft x 8ft Flat Rack shipping containers. Flat rack containers are especially suitable for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from the top or sides, such as pipes and machinery. You will find collapsible containers and non-collapsible flat rack containers. Popular for shipping products overseas.

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Our open top shipping containers are typically used to ship oversize items that won’t fit inside a normal shipping container, or for goods that are best or more easily loaded through the top of the container. They typically come with a tarpaulin cover but a removable hard top option is also available. We can also help supply extra-large tarpaulins if your goods are too tall for the standard tarp.

  • 20ft or 40ft options
  • Open top containers come with removable tarp and supporting bars
  • Hard top options also available
  • Ideal for specialised export use or storage of oversize items
  • Circa 5 year CSC plate (for export use) with new units
  • Minimum 6 month CSC plate on used units
  • Marine plywood floor

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