Large Container Conversions

Universal Containers is one of the UK’s leading shipping container conversions specialists. We pride ourselves on our ability to both customise and modify cargo shipping containers for a variety of purposes – from portable offices, workshops, changing rooms, retail units, site facilities, the list is endless – the only limit is your imagination (and budget that is!)

What’s better than one converted shipping container? More than one, of course. Container conversion options aren’t limited by number of containers, in fact, it’s limitless as long as they fit in the allocated space. Rather than converting several different individual containers, have you considered joining containers so that your conversion is more fit for purpose? By joining two or more shipping containers together, you can create a bigger, much more spacious, building with room for more storage, more workspace, more accommodation – just more of everything!

The integral strength of the humble shipping container, combined with the fact that they are widely available due to mass productions, means that they can be cost-effectively converted to a variety of uses, providing an efficient solution to various space and storage problems.

Contrary to popular belief, size doesn’t matter.

Whether you’re looking for a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container, we’re on hand to offer advice and suggestions to help with your shipping container conversions and can even arrange custom joining for you if you should require it. Don’t forget, the beauty (and versatility) of the shipping container means that not only can they be joined, they can be stacked too

In order to achieve your ideal shipping container conversion, we offer a varying range of features and modifications, such as electrical installations, fixtures and fittings. This list is growing continuously and is only limited by your ideas and budget. However, although there are lots of changes you can make to your container, you can rest assured that it will remain to be strong, durable and visually appealing after any desired amendments are made. Our expert conversions team work with you to turn your idea into reality by producing bespoke CAD designs and layouts of your container to exact specification to map out everything you want and need… it couldn’t be easier.

The beauty of shipping containers is that as your business expands, your premises can too! Container conversions are not only convenient but versatile too, so you are free to add extra space as and when you need it, with a low investment. If you’re keen on the idea of a bit more space at little cost, make sure you consider the viability of adjoining shipping containers. With the help and expertise of our team, it’s an easy solution and can make a massive difference.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

In the case of domestic containers, for the most part, you do not need planning permission, however for commercial premises, this may not be the case. Where planning law is concerned, containers are effectively temporary buildings and do not have permanent foundations. You might not require planning permission, although it’s always best to check with your local authority.

Delivering Your Container Conversion

We have a small team of trusted hauliers working for us here in the UK. We also provide site visits to those trickier delivery areas, in order to reduce accidents and drive up on-site efficiency. The complete container will be delivered by lorry and craned into position.

To learn more about adjoining shipping containers or to arrange your very own bespoke adjoining container conversion, talk to the Universal Containers team on 0845 050 0330 or browse other shipping container conversion options.

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