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20ft Air Conditioned Container

07 April 2020


New 20ft standard height container with an air conditioning unit installed onto the front wall for the items in the unit to be kept cool. This unit was also kitted out with lighting and double sockets. The client wanted a unit where temperature could be monitored and kept cool as the intended use of container was to fit IT server racks which do have a danger of overheating at times. The air conditioning fan was fixed internally on the 8ft wall and the condenser unit fitted on the same wall externally. So, we fabricated a shelf for this to sit on and bolt to, it is extremely useful this way as once fitted the container can be picked up and moved to various locations easy enough. Rather than decommissioning the air conditioning unit every time the container is to be moved. Finally, the unit was externally painted in black container paint and delivered to its first site.


  • 1 new 20ft standard container
  • 2 LED strip lights, 2 double sockets consumer unit and external isolator all surface mounted on steel plates
  • Air-conditioning unit with the condenser fitted on a bracket welded to the front wall
  • Container externally painted black
  • Floor left as the original container floor


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