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10ft Generator Housing Container

26 June 2022


10ft container conversion for an off-grid company custom built to house a very large generator. The customer wanted a unit with multiple apertures and louver vents to allow for ventilation, they wanted all openings to have cover hoods to help stop water coming in. The Universal CAD team had a meeting with the client to discuss their design and came up with a CAD drawing for their unit. Once this was finalised it was issued to fabrication for all the steel work to be done. Following this it was put into our paint shop to be painted white in anti-corrosive container paint and we treated the ceiling internally with a condensation prevention treatment called graffotherm. The flooring was painted in non-slip black paint and lighting was fitted to the ceiling. The client is extremely happy with the product as they can easily transport their large generator now from site to site as it is all contained.



  • New 10ft ISO container
  • With 3 locking bars removed to accommodate apertures
  • 2 aluminium louvers with hoods
  • 1 aperture for customers fan
  • 1 aperture with gland plate for services
  • 1 hood for customers emergency stop button
  • Brackets welded internally
  • Channels welded to roof for mounting equipment
  • Ceiling graffothermed
  • Floor painted in non-slip paint
  • LED lighting with consumer unit and external isolator
  • Container painted white

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