Window Shutter

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Enhance container security with our anti-vandal window shutters, featuring a galvanised steel construction and internal locking for superior protection and insulation.


Our universal anti-vandal window shutters are expertly designed for the shipping container conversion industry, providing essential protection against attempts to compromise window security. Ideal for pairing with our robust Steel Security Doors, these shutters offer an additional layer of defence, safeguarding your container’s contents.

Finished in a neutral grey primer, our window shutters are prepared for immediate painting post-installation. To ensure optimum durability and prevent rust, especially at weld points, we advise painting within 48 hours of installation. For your convenience, we pre-mask the frame’s perimeter before applying the primer, allowing direct welding to the container’s steel without the need for additional surface preparation.

Constructed from 1mm galvanised steel door skins and 2mm galvanised steel frames, our shutters promise long-lasting protection. Each shutter is filled with polyurethane foam (PU foam), both in the door leaves and frames, providing not only superior insulation but also enhancing the structural rigidity of the shutters.

Our window shutters measure 1060mm by 1035mm, with a door frame depth of 90mm and a door leaf depth of 45mm, providing solid and dependable coverage. The shutters are equipped with four stainless steel lift-off hinges and finger pull handles, ensuring straightforward and secure operation.

For added security, the shutters are equipped with a 3.0mm thick security flange (astragal) and four finger bolts, enhancing their resistance to forced entry. These shutters also comply with strict safety standards, holding a STS202 BR2 Security Certification, ensuring they meet high-security requirements and provide dependable protection.


  • Dimensions: 1060mm x 1035mm
  • Door Frame Depth: 90mm
  • Door Leaf Depth: 45mm
  • Finish: Grey primer ready for painting
  • Hinges: 4 Stainless steel lift-off hinges
  • Handle: Finger pull handles
  • Astragal: 3.0mm thick security flange
  • Locks: 4 finger bolts
  • CE Certification: Yes
  • Security Certification: None, STS202 BR2

For security, the shutters incorporate a locking system with 4 internal bolts, designed for simplicity and effectiveness. This system securely locks the door leaves within the frame and is operable from the inside only, ensuring your container’s contents are safely protected from theft or damage.

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Weight 47.5 kg
Dimensions 1060 × 1035 × 90 mm


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