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10FT ISO Office for Isle of Man

10 January 2019


A customer got in contact with us from the Isle of Man, requesting one of our 10ft standard offices. This unit is built by taking a 10ft ISO container and first, taking the cargo doors away and the panelling in. Next, 2 apertures are created – one for a window and the other for a door. Both the steel personnel door and window are fitted with steel security shutters. Following these works, the unit is then taken to our paint shop and resprayed in a RAL colour of the customer’s choice. Once this has been completed, we then fully line and insulate the unit with melamine boards and Rockwool insulation, in addition to fitting vinyl floor down ready for the electricians to do their work. The container comes with LED strip lighting, 2 double sockets, 1surface mounted heater and a consumer unit and external isolator. The completed conversion was then delivered to the customer’s doorstep by our professional team.

  • New 10ft ISO container
  • Cargo doors removed and panelling taken in
  • 1 steel personnel door with 10 point locking mechanism
  • 1 aluminium sliding window with steel security shutters
  • Melamine lining over a CLS timber frame
  • 50mm Rockwool insulation
  • Fitted Polyfloor
  • Electrics including lighting, socket outlets, surface mounted heater with consumer unit & isolator
  • Unit painted in choice of single RAL colour
  • Delivery

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