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20ft & 40ft Storage Conversions

01 February 2020


2 converted containers for a building contractor who was looking for various storage solutions. Universal converted a 20ft and a 40ft container with different steel storage solutions all fabricated in house by our engineering team.  Between the units there was steel racking, heavy duty steel hooks, lockable steel compartments again with racking. We also manufactured a bolt box. These units had everything the customer required for storing anything from raw materials small and large, tools and equipment, and lifting equipment such as slings, chains and block and tackle. Finally, the units were both painted in a bright blue colour and collected by the customer who now moves these from site to site around the UK so he always has the gear he needs for the site being worked on.

  • New 20ft container
  • Fabricated steel hooks welded in place
  • Internally and externally painted choice of RAL colours


  • New 40ft container
  • Steel mesh lockable compartments
  • 3 tier steel racking
  • Fabricated hooks on front wall
  • Fabricated bolt rack

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