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20ft Multi-Bay Unit

26 June 2022


Standard shipping container transformed into a bespoke storage unit. With multiple purposes across many industries. For example, self-storage companies or engineering companies for members of staff to lock tools away when not in use. The unit was split evenly into 8 small rooms approximately 5ftx4ft each by steel partition walls for security. Each room with its own steel flat panel door with vents fitted and locking mechanisms. Internally painted light grey and externally red but we can accommodate 99% of requested colours. We can also convert the units further by adding electrics so all rooms can be lite for when its dark. This product has now turned into a standard unit for Universal Containers whether the customer wants 8 bays or 4 bays depending on their needs, we have even completed a 40ft version with 16 bays (8 each side).


  • Used 20ft standard container
  • Cargo doors removed and panelled in
  • Steel partition walls dividing the unit in 8 small rooms
  • Each room to have a flat panel steel door with key operated lock
  • Unit painted internally light grey
  • Unit externally painted Red

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