Small Vents

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Available in black, blue, green, and grey, these small vents are ideal for shipping containers and other versatile applications. Small vent covers ensure effective air flow, prevent moisture buildup, and are easy to install.


Small Vents – 1nr. – installation not included.

These small plastic vents are designed for shipping containers, but are also versatile enough for other uses. They’re made from tough, durable plastic to withstand harsh conditions, perfect for ensuring good ventilation and preventing moisture buildup.

Durable Material

Made from robust plastic, these vents are built to endure harsh conditions, providing longevity and reliability whether used on land or at sea.

Color Options

Available in black, blue, green, and grey, our vents offer flexibility in matching or contrasting with your container, equipment, or space.

Efficient Ventilation

Designed to promote optimal air flow, these small air vent covers prevent the buildup of moisture inside containers, safeguarding your goods from mold and mildew. They are essential in maintaining air quality and temperature control, making them suitable for sensitive cargo.

Versatile Use

While optimized for shipping containers, our small plastic vents are also perfect for a wide range of applications including storage units, garden sheds, workshops, and more. Their universal design allows for easy integration into any setting requiring efficient air circulation.

Easy Installation

These vent covers are designed for straightforward installation, with a simple yet effective design that can be quickly mounted onto any surface. This makes them suitable for both new projects and retrofitting into existing structures.

Additional information

Weight 0.077 kg
Dimensions 205 × 66 × 22 mm


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