Twist Locks – Stacking Pins

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Ensure the secure stacking of shipping containers with our durable galvanised shipping container stacking twist lock. Made for easy operation and featuring a manual locking handle that makes securing containers straightforward.


Our Manual Intermediate Stacking Twist Lock is designed to ensure the secure stacking of shipping containers, particularly in environments where stability is crucial. This includes areas prone to high winds or locations near walkways and roads, where movement could compromise health and safety.

The shipping container twist lock stacking pin is made for ease of operation, featuring a manual locking handle that makes securing containers straightforward. The position of the handle also serves as a visual indicator, clearly showing whether the lock is in a locked or unlocked state, enhancing safety and ease of use.

Constructed with a cast body and forged steel heads, this device promises exceptional strength and durability, ensuring your containers remain firmly in place. To further enhance its longevity and resist environmental wear and tear, the twist lock undergoes a hot dip galvanisation process, offering superior protection against corrosion.

Safe Working Load Specifications:

  • Shear: 210 kN, ensuring the lock can handle lateral forces.
  • Tension: 250 kN, capable of withstanding forces that pull it apart.
  • Compression: 1000 kN, showing its ability to support heavy vertical loads.

Breaking Load Capacity:

  • Shear: 420 kN
  • Tension: 500 kN
  • Compression: 2000 kN

Whether you’re securing containers in wind-prone areas, ensuring safety near pedestrian pathways, or stacking containers for storage, our shipping container stacking twist lock offers a reliable, durable solution for maintaining container stability and safety.

Enhance your container stacking capabilities by pairing our twist lock stacking pin with our extensive selection of corner castings available for purchase. This combination provides a versatile and robust solution for securing containers in any configuration. Our extensive product range includes both top corner castings and bottom corner castings, as well as sets of 4 bottom corner castings and 4 top corner castings.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 132 × 102 × 166 mm


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