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20ft Turnstile Container Conversion

05 October 2019


This 20ft standard container was converted to help meet the security requirements of a building site. This customer is a North West based security company who offer nationwide services including CCTV, electric gates and turnstiles. They approached Universal Containers and asked us to create a container to accommodate two of their turnstiles which were to be used on a new building site.

Within the unit was a small room where a staff member could work, and a main area where the turnstiles were fitted. This container conversion has double doors at either side; one for entrance and one for exit. The container was fully lined and insulated with hard wearing vinyl flooring throughout. The electrics included PIR sensors meaning that the lights would only come on if a person was in the uni, a great power saving feature. The turnstiles had fingerprint recognition to ensure that only authorised personnel could access the site. The container conversion also had aluminium sliding windows with steel security shutters to allow natural light to shine through. To finish, it was externally painted in white RAL 9010.

  • 1 new standard 20ft container
  • Cargo doors removed and panelled in
  • 2 double steel doors
  • 1 standard steel personnel door
  • 2 aluminium sliding windows in security shutters
  • Lined in multipro wall boards
  • Insulated in 50mm Rockwool insulation
  • Counter
  • Hard wearing vinyl flooring throughout
  • Externally painted choice of RAL colour


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