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20ft Wood Rack Container

16 October 2018


This bespoke product we regularly build for a nationwide home Builder. they use it on their building sites around the country to store their house building materials most commonly wood, hence the name. It’s a nice simple job for us to produce as the container come ready made for the job (20ft full side access container). We can open the side out then it can be easily loaded by hand or with forklift trucks. Then you have the standard container doors in one end and a fabricated double door at the other, so items can easily be slid out both ways without having to open the large doors. Brilliant solution for material storage on sites as when production is being carried out meters away from where it began the store can easily be located without being unloaded.

  • New 20ft full side access container
  • Painted internally and externally your choice of single RAL colour
  • Steel box section racking system added
  • Slimline Lock Box Fitted

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