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20ft x 16ft Workshop

12 June 2021


This large workshop was created by joining 2 x 20ft shipping containers together. This was made for a customer who was replacing his old garage and wanted a new, strong, long-term solution to be used as a large workshop area in his back garden. A single 20ft container was long enough to fit the space he wanted to place the container, but it needed to be much wider, so linking it to another container enable us to create an ideal size 20ft x 16ft workshop. To ensure the container conversion would be fit for purpose, we fitted an aluminium sliding window to allow for natural lighting inside the workshop, in addition to a double steel personnel door and an internal storage cupboard. Our team of engineers worked hard and smart to create the perfect solution. Once the conversion was completed, we transported it to the customer’s desired location and once in position, our engineers attended the site to weld the units together and ensure that they were fully waterproofed.

Container Conversion Specification:

  • 2 new green containers 20ft long
  • Each to have 20ft side out (for linking on site)
  • Set of Double steel personnel doors to 1 20ft side
  • 1 aluminium sliding window with steel security shutters (910mm x 910mm)
  • Lined in 12mm plywood over a CLS timber frame
  • Insulated in 50mm Rockwool insulation
  • L shaped partition with timber door to create cupboard
  • Paintwork to be blown in where fabrication has taken place
  • Delivery and joining together on site

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