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30ft Store with Large Double Doors

16 January 2019


This customer got in contact with Universal Containers looking for a low-cost, used, storage unit. He needed it to be 30ft long and wanted very large openings in the side to accommodate large items. We would have offered full side access containers but as they only come in 40ft and 20ft sizes, we had to think outside the box. After considering the most cost-effective solution, we came up with the idea of 2 custom-made fabricated doors, each fitted with a secure lock box. This unit originally started life as a 40ft container and was cut down to 30ft to fit the customer’s desired specification. The same customer also requested a 10ft container which were able to produce from the off-cut of the original 40ft container. This meant that he ended up with 2 containers for the price of 1! The unit was then externally painted in a grey anti corrosive container paint to protect it for years to come.

  • 1 30ft used container cut down from a 40ft
  • 2 Large fabricated double doors added with lock and lockboxes
  • Externally painted single choice of RAL colour

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