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40ft Roller Shutter Container

17 July 2021


New 40ft container conversion for a truck stope in Yorkshire, Split into 4 bays by solid steel partition walls. Each room had its own purpose for the trucks, 1 was a diesel fuel pump, 1 with screen wash and ad blue, 1 with a steam cleaning jet wash and the final room was just a store to keep stock in. Each room had its own entrance, we utilised the standard cargo doors for one entrance then 2 had manually operated galvanised roller shutters whilst the last room had a large electrically operated roller shutter. Finally, we painted where we had worked back to the original container colour blue, which saved our customer money as they wanted it blue anyway and it is a standard container colour.


  • New 40ft standard container
  • Cargo doors as standard on one 8ft end
  • 1 large electrically operated galvanised roller shutter (you will need to get power to this on site)
  • 2 small manually operated galvanised roller shutters
  • 3 steel partitions skinned on one side only painted light grey
  • Externally container painted where worked back to original container colour

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