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Bespoke 20ft Storage Unit

04 May 2019


We took a standard shipping container and customised it to meet our customer’s specifications. We removed the standard cargo doors and panelled them in with corrugated steel sheets. Then added 2 sets of double cargo doors to the same 20ft side giving them large access allowing the unit to be loaded with large items easily. They also wanted the unit to be split into 3 sections using steel mesh partitions however we couldn’t fix the partitions in place as the customer told us that they constantly change what is stored in the unit so the size of the rooms needed to change all the time. We had to design a system to accommodate this so a track was fitted high level allowing the mesh partitions to slide these could then by tightened by nuts at the top and shoot bolts were used to lock the bottom into position. We thought it was an excellent idea and since doing this unit we have told a lot more customers about it who have the same requirements, which lead to a lot of orders for similar products.

  • 1 new 20ft shipping container
  • Cargo doors removed and panelled in
  • X2 sets of double Cargo doors added to 1 20ft side
  • With 2 adjustable mesh partition walls
  • Unit painted externally choice of RAL colour

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