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Extra Large Custom built Unit

18 January 2020


We were handed an inquiry by a timber company, who required an extremely large unit to house a large sawmill they had. They needed it large than any container (height and width wise). So Universal came up with this custom-built unit which was 11m long 3.5m wide and 3.3m tall. We also had to custom make doors large enough to get the mill into. It was fully painted internally and externally, and the floor was made from steel bearers and overlaid in 18mm marine plywood. The unit was so large we had to organise transport with police notification and an escort vehicle. This unit shows Universals ability to manufacture custom-built units which are out of the ordinary.


  • Custom built unit 11m long x 3.5m wide x 3.3m high
  • Corrugated
  • Custom built steel doors
  • 18mm plywood floor
  • Internally painted
  • Externally painted
  • Delivery and offload with escort and police notification

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