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Which Shipping Container Should You Buy?

21 February 2019


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At Universal Containers, we’ve supplied new and used shipping containers to homes and businesses across the UK for over 40 years so it’s safe to say that we’ve got the experience, knowledge and know-how to advise and deliver to your exact specification. We want you to love your container for whatever purpose it may be. Of course, the final say is always yours but we are always happy to offer professional advice to enable you to make the best, most cost-effective decision to suit your project.

We sell shipping containers in new or used condition: a new container is – as you would imagine – brand new and as a result, more expensive than a used container. However, a used container may have only done one trip so it’s condition might surprise you! We’re happy to be able to supply shipping containers in standard sizes, 10ft to 40ft, in addition to custom sizes for special projects too.

Have a look below at the different shipping containers for sale we have at Universal Containers, and how they might suit your project.

10ft Shipping Containers

Our 10ft containers are our smallest standard size container. 10ft containers are generally used by home owners for additional storage or even converted into strong, alternative garden sheds. A variety of businesses used 10ft containers for storage purposes, but many opt to convert 10ft containers into toilet blocks, offices, retail units and more.

20ft Shipping Containers

Easily our most popular selling container is the 20ft shipping container. At 20ft long by 8ft wide, the generous internal space offered by our 20ft containers means that they can be for both domestic and commercial purposes; perfect for the storage and transportation of large items, and ideally suited to conversion for a range of purposes, such as offices, retail units, on-site facilities and, garden rooms. 

30ft Shipping Containers

Our 30ft by 8ft shipping containers are available to buy both new and used, and as with all of the other standard containers we offer here at Universal Containers, they are fully customisable to create the bespoke answer to your problem. 30ft containers are purchased by both home owners and business alike and can provide a safe and long-lasting answer to storage or space saving

40ft Shipping Containers

Our huge range of new and used 40ft containers are our largest standard size containers available to buy. We’ve seen 40ft containers used for numerous different storage and transport purposes, including storing vehicles and machinery for construction or agricultural sites, in addition to being transformed for large scale commercial conversions.

Custom Size Shipping Containers

If you have a specific project in mind, for instance you’re looking to store a vehicle or machinery that won’t quite fit the specification of a standard size container, we are able to produce custom size containers to offer you an ideal solution. Custom size containers can also be further fabricated and converted so that they’re exactly fit for purpose, just like the one above with the addition of a full side access shutter. Please contact the Universal Containers team to discuss your project in more detail and we’d be more than happy to advise.

Helpful? We hope so! Choosing the right shipping container to suit your project can sometimes be difficult if you’re unaware of further options available, including fabrication, conversion and parts and accessories available. With over 40 years experience in selling new and used shipping containers, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Universal Containers.

If you are thinking about buying a new or used shipping container, feel free to call Universal Containers on 0845 050 0330 or email for a free, no obligation quote or friendly, helpful advice. 

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