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Shipping Containers For Sale Bristol

With more than 40 years of experience in the container industry, we’re specialists in delivering high-quality shipping containers directly to Bristol. We provide options for a variety of uses, whether you’re simply storing items, managing a bespoke modification project, or starting a business.  

All of our shipping containers are dispatched from our central base in Manchester. With a strategic and central location, we guarantee timely delivery and efficient logistics for our customers in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of our customers and delivering a personalised and effective service every time.

Shipping Containers For Sale Bristol

Bristol is a city renowned for its arts scene, shipbuilding, and stunning architecture, so it’s no surprise that it’s also started using shipping containers for purposes outside of tradition. The Whapping Wharf harbourside community here perhaps being the most famous use of shipping containers, comprising of several units repurposed into eating, drinking, and shopping establishments. 

However, the city hasn’t used shipping containers solely for leisure purposes. It also carried out a humanitarian initiative, with shipping containers featuring as the main stars, when it transformed several units into micro-flats for the homeless.

New shipping containers in Bristol

Made using premium Corten steel and adhering to ISO shipping standards, our new shipping containers are the ideal choice for a variety of projects. Whether you’re transporting goods or transforming your container into a work or living space, our new containers provide optimal durability and security. 

Our new containers are available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet a variety of requirements:

  • New 10ft Shipping Containers – Small but efficient, these containers are ideal for tight spaces or smaller storage needs.
  • New 20ft Shipping Containers – Our most popular choice, these containers provide plenty of versatility in storage, transport, and customisations.
  • New 40ft Shipping Containers – For high-volume shipping demands, complex modifications, or large storage needs, these large containers offer plenty of space and adaptability.

Unique sizes are also available in our new container range for more specialist requirements:

  • New 8ft Shipping Containers – For minimal storage needs such as secure storage of tools and equipment, these small containers are ideal for those with limited space.
  • New 9ft Shipping Containers – With a tad more space than the 8ft container, these containers offer a little more flexibility without consuming your space.
  • New 30ft Shipping Containers – As an in-between size for our larger containers, these containers offer plenty of space for both storage and modifications.
  • New 45ft Shipping Containers – For maximum space, our largest option provides the ideal blank canvas for bespoke modifications, high-volume shipping, or vast storage needs.
Buy A New Shipping Container
Buy A New Shipping Container

Used shipping containers in Bristol

To meet the unique requirements and high standards of our customers in Bristol, our used shipping containers are thoroughly inspected and graded before they are delivered to you. We ensure optimal durability, security, and functionality for all our used containers, so you can save money without compromising on quality. 

Our used shipping containers are available in a range of sizes, types, and conditions, ensuring we have options to support any project or storage demand in Bristol. The small units comprise 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft used containers. These are ideal for limited spaces or secure storage for small tools and equipment. Our bigger containers include 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers, all ideal for a range of storage and modification projects.

Buy A Used Shipping Container
Buy A Used Shipping Container

Container customisation options in Bristol

At Universal Containers, we provide a range of customisation services for all our shipping containers heading to Bristol. From installing new windows and doors to make a livable space to carrying out bespoke modifications and conversions. We can help you with any project, whether you’re building a mobile office, workshop, or cafe.

View Container Conversions
View Container Conversions

Why choose Universal Containers for your shipping container needs?

By partnering with us for your shipping container needs, you can guarantee reliable quality and excellent customer service. We have decades of experience in the shipping container industry and our teams are committed to delivering high-quality containers, whether you choose new or used units. 

From shipping to storage and modification projects, you’re sure to find the ideal shipping container with us. Plus, with our wide range of sizes and vast customisation options, we pride ourselves on creating solutions that meet your needs.

Fast and reliable services to Bristol

With a centrally located base, we ensure fast and reliable services to Bristol and the surrounding areas. Our experienced teams offer quick turnaround times and setup services, combined with excellent customer service.

Commitment to quality

With a keen eye for reliability and durability, we ensure only the highest quality containers are delivered by us. All of our shipping containers are thoroughly inspected to make sure they meet the highest standards of structural integrity and security.

Customised solutions

Our personalised customisation services are designed to align with the unique needs of all our customers, ensuring they get the perfect solution every time.

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