Used 30ft High Cube Cut Down Container

£2,800.00 ex. VAT£3,360.00 inc. VAT

Cut down fitted with Lifting eyes. Lockbox and Fork Slots fitted as standard. Empty lift only, Non Stackable.


Our Used 30ft High Cube Cut Down Containers provide a cost-effective, spacious solution to meet varied storage or conversion needs. These containers were originally constructed as larger units, adhering to full ISO standards. They’ve since been professionally adapted in size to a convenient 30ft length. complete with added lifting eyes (for empty lifts only) offering a compact, heightened alternative to standard container models.

Although these containers have seen previous use, they uphold their structural robustness and functionality. Having been decommissioned from their initial fleet, there may be minor signs of wear and tear or previous repairs, but each unit maintains its strength and security, and is guaranteed to be wind and watertight, unless otherwise noted.

Container specifications

Built from hard-wearing Corten-steel, these units come fitted with high-security doors and factory-installed lockboxes, enhancing their protection against theft and unauthorised access. 

A key characteristic of these 30ft High Cube Cut Down Containers is their additional vertical space compared to standard models. This elevated height makes them the perfect choice for storing taller items or for projects that demand extra vertical room, such as uniquely designed retail units or modified office spaces.

Container customisation

We offer customisable options to include extras in your container. Whether you need extra security features, personalised branding, or facilities such as electrics, heating or lighting, we can customise these containers to match your precise requirements. 

40 years in the container business

Universal Containers has become one of the UK’s leading container suppliers and rental companies. We’re confident we can provide the best container for your needs, whether you want to store a few items securely or set up temporary office space fast.

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Additional information

Weight 3300 kg
Dimensions 9144 × 2438.4 × 2895 mm


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