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4 Ways to Use a Shipping Container on a Construction Site

09 April 2018


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Construction sites are certainly not few and far between across the UK, in fact, they’re anything but. With health and safety working regulations, amongst other factors to consider when setting up a construction site, it’s not always just a case of turn up and get the job done. It is the responsibility of the construction company to ensure that there are on-site cleaning, washing, working and storage facilities available to all workers.

However, the problem faced is that construction sites are – 99% of the time – a temporary location, therefore the facilities and on-site amenities must be portable. This is where shipping container conversions come in.

Shipping containers come in all different shapes and sizes, with the option to convert them into, well, pretty much anything you want when you think outside the box. However, when it comes to kitting out your construction site, here are 4 ideas of how shopping containers would be just the job:

On-Site Offices

No matter what the purpose of the construction site, an on-site office is imperative to the smooth running of the construction project; ensuring workers are clocking in, a designated office space for the site manager and a point of contact for any one visiting the site. These are just a few reasons to have an on-site office but if you’re already in the construction industry, we know we needn’t explain it. By using a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container, you can create a simple, converted on-site office that is portable, affordable and more importantly, fit for purpose.

On-Site Toilets

Another important amenity to a construction site is on-site toilet facilities. A lot of construction sites across the UK would opt to use chemical toilets, or “portaloos” as they’re more commonly known. However, the problem with using these kinds of toilet facilities is that they can get pretty messy (not to mention smelly) after frequent use and let’s face it, we’ve probably all seen just HOW bad it can get when you’ve been to a festival. Don’t worry though, it’s not a challenge for us to convert either a 20ft or 40ft shipping container into properly equipped modern toilet facility. There’s no doubt it’d be a more clean and hygienic option too!

On-Site Break Room

The workers on a construction site spend the majority of their day grafting, and we don’t say that lightly. We get it. It can be a hard slog on a building site so for construction site workers to stay at the top of their game throughout the day, they need a bit of R&R. Somewhere to drink, somewhere to eat, somewhere to have a short break before the next job begins and sitting on the floor amongst the tools and the rubble doesn’t always cut the mustard. A standard shipping container can very easily be converted into a simple breakroom with all the necessary features so that workers have a designated area to recharge their batteries.

On-Site Storage

Shipping containers, as you can imagine, as well as being portable, are extremely solid and durable. This also makes shipping containers are safe, cost-effective storage solutions for your construction site, giving you peace of mind that tools, equipment and other bits and pieces can be stored securely on-site.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in purchasing or hiring a shipping container for your construction site, drop us a line or give us a bell. Don’t forget, our shipping containers can be used for just about anything!

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