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How Much Does Storage Cost Monthly in the UK? Storage Options to Consider

24 June 2024


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If you’re looking for storage space in the UK, you have a range of options. But they all come with different price tags, and costs can vary depending on where you live. 

According to the experts, there are 60 million square feet of storage space in the UK. Most of that space is concentrated in the Midlands and Yorkshire. If you’re looking for specialist storage, large spaces, or storage in a crowded location like London, then you might have to pay more.

What are the main storage solutions in the UK?

The kind of storage you need will depend on how much space you have at home and what you want to store.

  • Self storage means rented storage space, or storage units. You can rent out a self storage unit for a short period of time, and access it whenever you need.
  • Container storage means renting space in a container inside a warehouse. It’s useful if you have a lot to store, or if you’re putting items in storage for a long time without accessing them.
  • Mobile storage is pretty much the same as self-storage. It has the added convenience that the storage company will collect and deliver items for you.
  • Specialist storage refers to storage that needs specific conditions. If you’re storing wine, foodstuffs, medical supplies, or anything else that needs climate control, it belongs in specialist storage. 

What influences the price of storage?

Each storage option has a different price per month. Location, size of the storage unit, length of stay, and any special features or amenities will also affect your costs. 


Urban areas often have higher prices, especially in the city centre. You’ll pay a lot more to rent a storage unit in London than at Land’s End. It’s also worth thinking about how you’ll access your storage unit. If it’s in the city centre, you might have to pay for parking charges as well as rent. 

Size or type of the unit

Most storage facilities will let you pick which size of unit you need,  based on how much you want to store. The options range from small lockers to warehouse containers. A bigger storage space costs more to rent per month than a small space because they’re priced per square foot. 

Length of stay

You might get a discount on storage prices if you’re a new customer, or if you plan to use the storage unit for a long time. 


Some storage facilities have specialist storage with climate-control. You’ll pay a premium for these extra features. Your storage facility might also offer security amenities, such as CCTV.

How much is storage per month in the UK?

In most places, you can expect to pay up to £100 per month for a medium unit of 75 square feet. However, the national average is a bit higher because of regional variations.

To estimate the storage costs for each region, we’ve used the Self Storage Association’s 2023 Annual Report. These prices don’t include VAT, insurance, or any specialist add-ons.


Storage units in London tend to be more expensive than anywhere else. You can expect to pay the following average monthly rental rates for storage units.

  • 25 square feet: £81.79 per month or £20.45 per week.
  • 35 square feet: £114.50 per month or £28.62 per week.
  • 50 square feet: £163.58 per month or £40.90 per week.

Scotland (including Glasgow and Edinburgh)

Bigger cities, such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, will have more expensive storage units. However, the average prices you can expect if you’re renting storage in Scotland are:

  • 25 square feet: £50.85 per month or £12.71 per week.
  • 35 square feet: £71.20 per month or £17.80 per week.
  • 50 square feet: £101.70 per month or £25.43 per week.

The West Midlands & Wales

For those renting storage units in the West Midlands and Wales, here are the average costs you might encounter:

  • 25 square feet: £40.88 per month or £10.22 per week.
  • 35 square feet: £57.22 per month or £14.30 per week.
  • 50 square feet: £81.75 per month or £20.44 per week.

The North (including Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool)

Storage units might have higher costs in big cities like Manchester, Leeds, or Liverpool. Here are the average prices you can expect for self storage in the North of England:

  • 25 square feet: £43.48 per month or £10.87 per week.
  • 35 square feet: £60.87 per month or £15.22 per week.
  • 50 square feet: £86.96 per month or £21.74 per week.

South East (excluding London)

Storage unit costs in the south-east of England, which are generally slightly lower than in London, average out to:

  • 25 square feet: £58.48 per month or £14.62 per week.
  • 35 square feet: £81.87 per month or £20.47 per week.
  • 50 square feet: £116.96 per month or £29.24 per week.

Additional costs for self storage

You’ll need to factor some extra costs in when you start renting a storage unit, especially if you’re storing anything which needs extra security or climate control.


Many storage companies will ask you for a deposit to secure a storage space, just like putting the deposit down on a flat.

Moving costs

If you’re moving large items or moving house, then you may need to pay for removals or item collection.

Packing materials

Some items will need packing materials, especially if they’re fragile or valuable.

Securing your self storage unit

Some storage facilities automatically include locks in your rental price; others don’t. Check in advance, and decide whether you want to add any extra locks of your own.


Everything that you put in storage has to be insured. The price of contents insurance will vary depending on the value of your items in storage.

Additional services

Some storage facilities will offer extra services for a fee. This includes things like armed security, climate control, and collecting or delivering items from storage.

Alternatives to self storage units

Self storage isn’t always the answer. In some cases, you’ll be better off with home-based storage or smaller storage units.

Indoor self storage

If you’ve got space in your home, garage, or loft, then you can use it for storage. This is a popular option for storing things like out-of-season clothing, outdoors equipment, student belongings, and stock for small businesses.

Container storage

self storage shipping containers

You might also think about using a shipping container for storage if you’ve got land outside your house. It’s a great solution for storing cars, gardening equipment, furniture, and any other large items that don’t need climate control.

Looking for a better storage solution than your garden shed? Discover the weatherproof advantages of shipping container sheds! Dive into our comprehensive guide: Shipping Container Sheds: Why Use a Shipping Container As a Shed to learn why making the switch is a smart choice.


Many storage facilities have lockups – storage units to rent which are smaller than average. They’re useful for storing small items which aren’t very valuable, since security tends to be low.

How to choose the right storage solution for your needs

Before you choose a storage option, think about:

  • Size –  How much do you have to store? 
  • Accessibility – Is the storage facility easy to access? How often do you need to access your items?
  • Extra services – Do you need climate control or additional security? 

How to save money on self storage 

Self storage costs can add up over time. Here’s how to make the most of your money.

  • Choose the right size. Use an online calculator or ask the storage facility for advice on what size unit you need.
  • Shop locations. Storage costs can be very different depending on where you are. If your nearest storage facility is too expensive, consider travelling a bit further.
  • Understand your contract. Some facilities will charge extra fees if you end the contract early, or build in regular price rises. Read the fine print before you commit.

The bottom line

Self storage is a simple, cost-effective way to store items and increase the space in your home. However, prices vary based on where you live, what you want to store, and how long you plan to use the storage facility. You can keep costs down by choosing the right size and location for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is self storage expensive compared to other alternatives?

Self storage can be cheaper than renting a larger home or business space, depending on where you live. However, everybody’s needs are different.

How do I get the best deal on storage?

Shop around different locations and think carefully about how much space you need. Some storage facilities will offer a lower rate if you can pay up front. In some cases – for example, using a shipping container on your own land – it may be worth buying a shipping container instead of renting storage.

How often do self storage rates go up?

Self storage facilities are known for raising rates frequently. Other storage options tend to be more stable. Always read your contract so that you’re prepared for any rate hikes.

Is it worth putting items in storage?

This is a personal decision that depends on your life circumstances, how much space you have at home, and what the items are. For example, if you don’t need an item right now but want to keep it for sentimental reasons, then storage makes sense.

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