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Shipping Container vs. Garden Shed

05 July 2018


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If you are considering buying a shipping container as an alternative to a traditional garden shed, we’ve no doubt that you’re already aware of all the problems that can come with a garden shed. We’ve received lots of enquiries already this year about shipping container sheds, as well as shipping container garden rooms, as more and more people look for a storage solution for their garden.

Here are some of the problems people face with the traditional garden shed, and how shipping containers are providing the ultimate outside storage solution:

Problem? Rotting.

The traditional garden shed is made of wood, and it is common knowledge that water makes mould and fungus grow faster which quickly rots wood. As a result, the shed becomes weakened and holes begin to appear, meaning that it isn’t waterproof anymore.

Solution: Shipping containers, as standard, are made from heavy duty anti-corrosive steel because they are initially designed with exposure to the elements at sea in mind. Thanks to this clever design, you can rest assured that your container will stand the test of time.

Problem? Self-assembly.

Traditionally, sheds come flat packed which means that you have to DIY and put it together yourself. For some people, this is no challenge but for the vast majority of us, we simply don’t have the time, resources or patience for flat-pack furniture.

Solution: All converted shipping containers done by our team are delivered to all UK mainland addresses and installed by our professional team. All you have to do is tell us where you want it and we do the rest. Fancy that eh? No DIY for you.

Problem? Unsecure.

Even if you go to the effort of fitting a plethora of padlocks to your shed door, as well as ensuring that any windows are doubled sealed and secure, the chances of your wooden shed remaining a safe storage place are pretty slim. In fact, the very material that your shed is built of means that doors or windows can be forced open with very little pressure.

Solution: Not only is a shipping container made of reinforced steel, making it a hefty load to shift, but the addition of strong, secure doors and windows and other safety features mean that breaking and entering a shipping container is certainly no easy task. You’d have peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment is safe under lock and key.

Problem? Warping.

The fact that your traditional shed is kept outdoors is a problem in itself, even though it shouldn’t be as that’s what it is for! Unfortunately, wood becomes easily warped when too much moisture gets into it and with the rain in the UK, there’s really no way of avoiding it.

Solution: The clue’s in the name – shipping containers are built for shipping – so first and foremost, they HAVE to be watertight! No warping worries needed with your container shed, as they are all wind and water tight as standard, you tools, equipment and furniture will be safe from any and all water damage that may occur in a traditional shed.

Problem? Maintenance. 

A traditional shed requires constant maintenance to ensure that it remains to be a safe and sturdy place for you to keep your garden equipment, tools, bikes and other such valuables. Wood treatment and safety precautions are just two of the many maintenance issues that need addressing continuously that take time, effort and expense.

Solution: All of our converted shipping containers require very little to no maintenance thanks to their sturdy structures and professional installation. However, if you found a problem, don’t worry – all our container conversions are covered by a comprehensive 5-year structural guarantee against any defects.

See what we mean? As much as a traditional shed might be a quick, cheap option, it’s certainly not always the most sensible option when you’re looking for outdoor storage that’s safe, strong, secure and built to last! There are lots of benefits to choosing a container as a storage solution for your garden, but if you need further convincing, we’re only a phone call away!

If you would like a friendly, honest chat about how we can create your bespoke Garden Container Shed, call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email

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