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Why Hire A Shipping Container?

06 December 2018



So you need to hire a container?                                  

Moving home or office? Construction site needing temporary storage? Transporting goods from point A to point B? Event catering storage space needed? We can help!

People don’t hire containers because they want to, they hire containers because they need to. A certain problem or issue has arisen that needs to be resolved by sourcing additional space that is fit for purpose. A container is usually the solution. With so many different container options available for hire, we’re certain that we can provide and install a container to suit your needs and tick all your boxes.

Why hire a container from Universal Containers?


If you’re looking for a short-term storage facility that will be safe from interference, shipping containers are the ideal solution. Their overall structure means that they are extremely secure, and even additional security parts and accessories can be added for peace of mind, such as a lock box.


It is important to consider that a container was initially designed for the purpose of transporting cargo across seas. With this in mind, shipping containers – even conversions – are easily portable and ideally suited to the transit of bulkier items, vehicles or machinery.


Shipping containers were built to withstand the elements on rail, road or sea. This is still true once they are converted or used for other purposes. Built from galvanised steel, containers are highly durable which means that they will store or transport your items safely with no risk of damage.


Of course, our containers are available for hire as seen, but if you have a specific purpose in mind for your container – let us know! We have converted containers available for hire that may be better suited to your project. For instance, we have refrigerated containers available for hire which are ideally suited to event catering, additional storage for florists, transit of perishable goods, and so much more.


Our special containers can be available for hire on request. If you have a specific project which requires a more specialised container, for instance, a double door, full side access or open top container, we will provide you with a container that is fit for purpose, accessible to fit your project specification, and low cost.


Rather than having to extend your premises or source long-term self-storage facilities, shipping container hire can be a quick, low cost answer to storing or transporting items. At Universal Containers, we’re in the business of finding the best deals for our customers, so if we feel that we can provide you with a more cost-effective solution, our friendly team will be sure to inform you of your options.


Hiring a container is a very economical solution to your storage or transit problem. You can rest assured that we take all the hard work away from you, as our professional team deliver and install containers at any UK mainland address.

Looking for storage only? We may have an even better option...

It’d also be worth considering that if you’re looking to hire a container for storage purposes, we also offer self-storage facilities at our large, secure site in Irlam, Manchester. We can offer self-storage spaces from 10ft right through to 40ft to give you versatility in storage and flexibility in cost.

Better informed? We hope so! It can be difficult to think outside the box if you’re considering a space-saving, transit or storage solution. However, if you think hiring a fit-for-purpose container could be just the job, have a chat with our team for a friendly, no obligation chat.

If you would like to know more about how to hire a shipping container, please call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email

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