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5 Reasons To Use Shipping Containers On Construction Sites

11 August 2018



Seeing a shipping container on a building site probably wouldn’t be unusual to you. In fact, it’s more common now than ever before. Construction sites appear as quickly as they depart so it’s important that any machinery, vehicles and other site necessities can be transported at short notice to the next location.

Converted shipping containers are ideal for temporary construction sites for a multitude of reasons, not to mention that they can be extremely cost-effective when compared with more permanent structures. This will not only work to achieve maximum efficiency for the construction company itself, but it’ll save time and money in the budget too.

Have a look at these 5 main reasons why you should choose converted shipping containers for temporary construction sites, and take in the benefits, they’re not to be missed!

Shipping Containers Are Flexible To Customise

A temporary construction site has a need for various facilities to ensure the smooth running of the construction project and the productiveness of its workers. Such facilities may include: on-site offices, toilet blocks, lockers rooms, cafeterias, storage units, and more. The beauty of the humble shipping container is that it can be converted into pretty much anything. Perhaps you’ve even considered a single container with a variety of uses? That’s possible too! A standard conversion would be suited to multiple functions, which leaves you with a on-site space that’s fit for many a purpose.

Shipping Containers Are Completely Portable

Many construction companies choose to use shipping containers, but they are as temporary as the construction site itself. Project may be a matter of weeks so it’s important that all facilities and the workforce itself can be transferred to another site quickly and efficiently. Modified shipping containers can be easily transported so you can rest assured that the location of your new construction project has the correct facilities in place for your workforce to get the job done.

Shipping Containers Are Built To Last

All of our new and used shipping containers are made from sturdy, galvanised steel. In short, this means that they are built to last. Don’t forget that in their first life, shipping containers were designed and made for the purpose of being transported across oceans, battling the elements on the way and protecting precious cargo in the process. Due to this, not only are they strong and secure, but they require little maintenance and can in fact last for more than 30 years, withstanding extreme weather conditions in the process. This means that your construction company can invest in a converted shipping container for site offices, locker rooms, storage units, facilities, cafeterias and much more, with the peace of mind that they will stand the test of time.

Shipping Containers Are Open To Modifications

When it comes to the point of converting your container, you’d be hard pushed to find a limit on modifications. If you’re planning to use your container as an on-site office for your temporary construction site, perhaps the addition of both heating and air conditioning units would make the unit a comfortable working space for all seasons? Maybe you want a stronger insulation solution for the walls and ceilings to reduce noise levels? We’ve converted containers for hundreds of different purposes so if you want it, chances are we can and will deliver.

Shipping Containers Are Easy To Stack

The size and location of each construction site might affect the way in which you arrange your on-site facilities, however this isn’t an issue with converted shipping containers. Not only are converted containers portable, they’re stackable too. This means that if you’re pushed for space on site, you can stack your containers (with the option of adding landing and staircases, you can speak to our team about that) to maximise space – the ideal on-site solution.

Helpful? We hope so! If you’re still unsure as to whether repurposing a shipping container is suitable for your temporary construction site, just give our team a call for no obligation advice, or even pop down to see us! Our site is based in Irlam, Manchester, is located very close to the M62/M60, so we’re certainly easy to find!

If you would like a friendly, honest chat about choosing the correct shipping container to suit your temporary construction site, please call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email

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