New 40ft High Cube Open Top Container

£3,900.00 ex. VAT£4,680.00 inc. VAT

Units are classed as new but have made one trip from China to the UK holding cargo. Date of manufacture 2021 to 2022


Our NEW 40ft High Cube Open Top Shipping Container, are the ultimate solution for all your shipping and storage needs!

With its extra height, this container offers maximum capacity, allowing you to transport and store more goods than ever before. Say goodbye to space limitations and hello to endless possibilities! Whether you’re shipping goods across the globe or need a secure storage solution for your equipment, this container has got you covered.

The open top design of this container makes loading and unloading a breeze. No more struggling with tight spaces or limited access points. Simply remove the top cover, and you have easy access to your cargo. This feature is especially beneficial for oversized or bulky items that may not fit through traditional container doors.

Durability and weather-resistance are key features of this container. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, it ensures that your goods are protected during transportation or storage. No matter the weather, you can trust that your cargo will arrive in perfect condition.

We believe that quality and affordability should go hand in hand, and that’s exactly what we offer. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal. Contact us today to secure your 40ft High Cube Open Top Shipping Container at a price that won’t break the bank.

Additional information

Weight 3850 kg
Dimensions 12192 × 2438 × 2896 mm


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