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Case Study: Chemical Store Shipping Container Conversion

06 November 2023


Case Studies
coshh storage converted container

Client Industry: Chemical Industry 

Job Location: Dumfries

Value of work: £15,000

Project Overview

The client, an Industrial Chemical Storage Company specialising in chemical production and storage, faced the challenge of storing hazardous chemicals on their premises while adhering to stringent health and safety regulations. They required a secure and compliant storage solution that would ensure the safety of their employees, protect the environment, and meet legal requirements. 

The Challenge

The storage solution had to comply with relevant health and safety regulations, including those set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. The client required a secure storage solution to prevent unauthorised access and potential theft of hazardous chemicals. The storage solution needed to prevent any leakage or spillage of chemicals, ensuring the protection of the surrounding environment. Also, they required a solution that could accommodate their growing inventory of chemicals and adapt to future needs.

The Approach

Universal Containers proposed a converted shipping container as the ideal solution to meet the client’s requirements. The container could be customised to ensure compliance, security, and environmental protection.

The Solution

We modified the container to meet all relevant health and safety regulations, including Ventilation for improved air flow, grated false floor, floating shelving, ATEX rated electrics (D-Sear Approved), Drainage Tap, and appropriate signage. We installed a bundled flooring system to contain any potential spills or leaks, preventing contamination of the surrounding environment.

The Result

The converted shipping container provided a secure and compliant storage solution, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries related to chemical storage. The client successfully met all relevant health and safety regulations, ensuring they remained in good standing with regulatory bodies such as the HSE and COSHH. The bundled flooring system effectively contained any potential spills or leaks, preventing environmental contamination and minimising the company’s ecological footprint. The scalable design of the container allowed the client to easily adapt to their growing needs, ensuring a long-term storage solution that could accommodate future expansion.

Client Feedback

“Very speedy communication and great service! The container we’ve ordered looks great, and meets our HSE regulations, craftsmanship is second to none.”

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