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Case Study: Garden Center

29 February 2024


Case Studies
shipping container garden center

Client Industry: The Horticultural Industry  

Job Location: Irlam, Manchester

Value of work: £40,000

Project Overview

Universal Containers embarked on an exciting project to enhance a garden centre’s retail experience by supplying and customising two shipping container cabins. The goal was to seamlessly link these cabins on-site and transform them into a vibrant and functional gift shop that would complement the natural beauty of the surrounding garden.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to create a unique and inviting space within the constraints of steel cabins. The design needed to maximise functionality, incorporate the garden centre’s aesthetic, and ensure a smooth flow for customers while addressing any potential logistical challenges during the installation process.

The Approach

Our team began with a comprehensive site analysis, collaborating closely with the garden centre’s management to understand their vision and requirements. The structural and design considerations were meticulously planned to optimise the available space while maintaining the structural integrity of the steel cabins.

Innovative solutions were proposed for linking the cabins seamlessly, ensuring that the transition between them felt natural and cohesive. Additionally, the interior layout and design were designed to provide an immersive shopping experience, incorporating shelving, display units, and strategic lighting to showcase the products in the best possible way.

The Solution

The container cabins were customised both internally and externally to align with the garden centre’s brand and ambiance. Special attention was given to the selection of materials and finishes to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cabins were expertly linked together, and the interior spaces were optimised to accommodate a diverse range of gift items, enhancing the overall customer experience.

The installation process was executed with precision, minimising disruptions to the garden centre’s daily operations. Our team ensured that every detail, from electrical installations to interior fittings, adhered to the highest standards of quality.

The Result

The gift shop seamlessly integrated with the natural surroundings, offering customers a unique and enjoyable shopping experience. The carefully curated interior layout showcases products effectively, encouraging customer exploration and engagement.

The garden centre’s revenue has seen a positive impact, and customer feedback highlights the enhanced appeal and functionality of the new gift shop.

Client Feedback

“Thank you, Universal Containers, for turning our garden centre into a blooming paradise! Your custom-built gift shop adds a touch of magic to our green haven. The attention to detail and personalised approach truly amazing, we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Universal Containers takes pride in contributing to the success of this project, demonstrating our commitment to delivering innovative and tailored solutions for our clients.

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