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Case Study: Shipping Container Ticket Office

18 December 2023


Case Studies
shipping container ticket office

Client Industry: Sports Industry   

Job Location: Chester, Greater Manchester

Value of work: £9,750

Project Overview

The local rugby club had been using a small, outdated ticket booth that no longer met their needs. The club’s management sought a more efficient and visually appealing solution that could accommodate their growing fan base. The project aimed to enhance the club’s ticketing operations, improve customer experience, and provide a durable and cost-effective solution.

The Challenge

The design of the ticket office needed to incorporate features such as a ticket counter, desk & office chair, roller shutter, and storage space. As they were limited on budget and space, they were searching for a cost-effective and space saving option. After researching various options, they decided to explore the possibility of converting a shipping container into a ticket office.

The Approach

Universal Containers was chosen as the preferred supplier due to our extensive experience in container modifications and our reputation for delivering high-quality conversions. We had previously completed similar projects, demonstrating our expertise in transforming shipping containers into functional and aesthetically pleasing structures. We collaborated closely with the rugby club to design a ticket office that would meet their specific requirements. The container’s dimensions, layout, and interior design were carefully considered to ensure optimal functionality and a welcoming atmosphere for fans.

The Solution

We commenced the conversion process by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the shipping container. We then proceeded to cut openings for windows and doors, reinforcing the structure to maintain its integrity. Insulation was added to ensure a comfortable environment, and electrical wiring was installed to power lighting and heating. We also installed plumbing and sanitation, as well as painted the container’s exterior in the rugby team’s chosen colour to match their visual identity. Once the conversion was complete, we transported the converted container to the rugby club’s premises. The delivery process was carefully coordinated to minimise disruption to the club’s operations. 

shipping container ticket office

The Result

The newly converted shipping container provided a comfortable and pleasing ticket office, providing a spacious interior to conduct the sales and administration of tickets. The design of the container allowed the rugby team to easily adapt to their growing needs, ensuring a long-term storage solution that could accommodate future expansion.

Client Feedback

“We looked at different options and suppliers, with the professional approach of Shaun McWilliams (Design Engineer) we gave Universal the order. We were blown away with the quality of the finished product, I can’t recommend Universal Containers enough.”

Looking for unique solutions for your sports team? We can accomodate to various needs ranging from ticket offices to stadium seating and stands, and beyond!

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