CISA 75mm Padlock

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The CISA 285 75 Padlock is ideal for use with shipping container lock boxes. This padlock is also suitable for use on security gates, warehouses, sheds etc.

The padlock comes with 2 keys in total, additional keys can be added below.


Secure your valuables with the CISA 75mm Padlock, designed for maximum protection and durability. Featuring a solid, hardened steel body coupled with a solid, hardened steel shackle, this padlock is made to withstand physical attacks as well as harsh weather conditions, ensuring your property remains safe.

The CISA Padlock has an advanced security feature set, including an anti-pick and anti-drill keyway that thwarts attempts at tampering and picking. Additionally, the anti-saw shackle is specifically designed to resist cutting, further enhancing the lock’s security against forced entry attempts.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 61H x 75W x 28D mm
  • Shackle: 12mm

Ideal for securing shipping containers, gates, sheds, and other high-value items, the CISA 75mm Padlock offers peace of mind through its high-quality construction and advanced security features. Protect your assets with a padlock that’s built to resist and endure.

Combined with our heavy-duty shipping container lock box, you can rest assured your container will be maximally safe and secure.

For more padlock options, check out our full range of shipping container padlocks.

Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 75 × 61 × 28 mm


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