Container Door Handle

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Forged metal shipping container door handle designed for easy access to your valuable cargo, and made to withstand the harshest weather conditions.


Our shipping container door handle is made from forged metal, offering strength and durability. It’s designed for easy and straightforward attachment to the handle hub mount bracket, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for your container’s doors.

The handle is built to withstand frequent use and harsh conditions, making it suitable for shipping and storage needs. Its forged metal construction provides a reliable grip for opening and closing the container doors easily. Some shipping container door handles may also have locking mechanisms like a Security Lock BoxPadlock which provide additional security.

Ideal for replacing old handles or enhancing the security of your shipping container doors, this door handle is a practical choice for those seeking durability and ease of use.

Door handle only, handle hub mount bracket sold separately or as part of our shipping container door handle set.

Additional information

Weight 0.178 kg
Dimensions 322 × 21 × 10 mm


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