Used 20ft COSHH Chemical Store Container

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4off Aluminium Vents Durbar Floor (Painted) 100mm Up Stand Drainage Tap Fork Pockets fitted as standard.


Offering a practical and budget-friendly solution for hazardous material storage, our Used 20ft COSHH Chemical Store Containers provide a blend of durability, security, and versatility. These containers, once standard ISO shipping containers, have been professionally modified in the UK to comply with rigorous safety regulations specific to chemical storage.

Although pre-owned, these 20ft units maintain their structural integrity and functionality. Prior to resale, these containers are decommissioned from their original fleet. As a result, some evidence of previous use such as minor dents, signs of wear, and past repairs might be visible. However, each container is guaranteed to retain its strength, security, and ability to remain wind and watertight unless otherwise specified.

Container specifications

These Chemical Store containers are built from tough Corten-steel, designed to withstand the elements and the passage of time. For enhanced security, each container is fitted with high-security doors and a factory-installed lock box. This makes them safe for storing your hazardous materials, as well as any valuable items such as machinery and tools.

To make your container uniquely suited to your needs, we offer the option to add custom extras. From a wide range of security features and personalised branding to the integration of heating and electrics, we can adapt your container to meet your specific demands. This ensures your used 20ft COSHH Chemical Store container is not just practical and secure, but also tailor-made to fit your requirements.

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Additional information

Weight 2200 kg
Dimensions 6096 × 2438.4 × 2590 mm


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