Bearing Bracket – Set

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Introducing our high-quality Set of Bearing Brackets (1xLong & 1xShort)  for Shipping Container Double Doors

Crafted from durable and robust materials, our bearing bracket is specifically engineered to provide reliable support and prevent excessive movement or shifting of the double doors.

Our bearing bracket is easy to install, seamlessly attaching to the lock bar of your container’s double doors. Once in place, it acts as a reliable anchor, reinforcing the doors and preventing unauthorized access.

Not only does our bearing bracket offer enhanced security, but it also contributes to the overall integrity of your shipping container. By minimizing door movement, it helps to protect the contents inside from potential damage during transit.

Invest in the peace of mind that comes with our Bearing Bracket for Shipping Container Double Doors.

Set Includes, 1 Long Bracket & 1 Short Bracket


Additional information

Weight 0.754 kg
Dimensions 140 × 94 × 35 mm


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