Top Corner Casting (Set of 4)

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Introducing our set of four shipping container top castings, meticulously engineered to elevate the strength and stability of your containers. Crafted from premium-grade steel, these castings are purpose-built to withstand the demanding conditions of transportation and handling in the logistics industry. Strategically positioned at the top corners of the container, they serve as the critical connection point for the corner posts, roof, and side panels, ensuring unparalleled structural integrity throughout the container’s journey.

With these top castings securely in place, you can confidently stack and secure your containers, enabling seamless and secure transportation by sea, rail, or road. Engineered with precision and built to endure, our shipping container top castings are the epitome of reliability and durability.

Upgrade your container’s performance and fortify your logistics operations with our top-of-the-line set of four top castings.

If you are stacking containers, you can buy Twist Locks to lock the top unit with the bottom unit for a safe stack.

Set of 4 top castings, installation not included

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 356 × 324 × 118 mm


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