Top Corner Casting (Single)

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Our shipping container top corner casting is a crucial element designed to significantly enhance the strength and stability of the container’s structure, ensuring container’s remain secure and durable when stacked.


A shipping container top corner casting is a crucial component that provides strength and stability to the container structure. Located at the top corners of the container, these castings are made from high-quality steel and are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling. They serve as the connection point for the container’s corner posts, roof, and side panels, ensuring that the container remains structurally sound during transit.

The top corner casting also plays a vital role in the stacking and securing of containers, allowing for safe and efficient transportation by sea, rail, or road. With its robust construction and precise dimensions, the shipping container top corner casting is an essential element in the global logistics industry.

Shipping container can be fixed together when stacked with the castings using one of our our high-quality twist locks.

Installation not included, 1 casting only.

If you’re looking for a complete set we offer a set of 4 top corner castings.

Our extensive range of products also includes individual bottom corner castings, as well as a set of 4 bottom corner castings.

Additional information

Weight 10.00 kg
Dimensions 178 × 162 × 118 mm


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